Hello I'm going into yr 11 next year but I'm not sure if I want to do IB or not, any advise?? Also what are the easiest HL subjects. Thank you

Do the IB if you think you can be committed to school work on a regular basis and you want a broader perspective of the world and its workings.

There are no ‘easiest’ HL subjects. What you love most is what’s going to be easiest for you. That being said, Math HL is not easy even if you love math a LOT, and needs a lot of hard work!

Hope this helped!


Hi. Does history hl is difficult in IB?

Hello :)

I just finished my first year in HL History, and I would say that the course is time consuming more than anything. There’s a lot of memorization and you need to practice writing analytical essays quite a bit (historiography). If you really like history, I recommend that you take it.


No problem :)

What does a physics HL/SL course generally include?

I’m not a physics student, but generally the scope and intensity of an HL course is greater than that of its SL counterpart. For a comprehensive overview of the differences between the two, a quick google search should pull up the IB syllabus for Physics and clearly state what each course has to offer!

Unless someone familiar with physics has anything they’d like to add?

Hey there, I'm starting the IB in February, and I'm planning out my CAS so I can start immediately, and because that's when we have to start joining groups and everything. Would it be possible to do vlogs with a group of friends but under different channel names, or something like that, and count it under Creative and Service? I'm thinking of doing mine about topics that are relevant to our generation and make them interesting. I'm sorry I haven't phrased it very well :c

At my school, they are fairly flexible in what is eligible for CAS. You might be able to do that depending on the content of the vlogs, but you should speak to your counsellor/coordinator as CAS is at their discretion. 

Hey what's a better choice between economics hl and itgs hl?

Sorry no one answered this sooner, but this isn’t necessarily a question we can help you with. When it comes to choosing HLs, you need to ask yourself which one interests you more, and which one will be of more use to you in your future (university/college wise, and career wise). All HLs are difficult. The rate of success depends on the involvement of the student.

Sorry we couldn’t help you more!

Hello there! I just wanted to ask if the IB is really thaaaaat difficult. I understand it's challenging and very demanding and I am hard working and seriously can't wait to expand my knowledge...But there are loads of videos and posts that make the program seem like HELL and I am getting quite scared and nervous. Help me please? :(


IB is pretty challenging, but material wise it isn’t that difficult if you study on a daily basis (keep in mind this majorly depends on you and your subject choices. If you’re not good at math and take math HL then the answer would be different, but if you pick your subjects based on your strengths then you’ll be fine). Students tend to exaggerate A LOT, IB may feel like hell in the moment where you’re loaded with tests and IAs and stuff but then the moment passes and it’s all good.

I honestly think you have no reason to be scared or nervous with the amount of determination you seem to have. If you’re that eager to work hard and study hard, you’ll be fine. You just need to prepare yourself and manage your time extremely well. 

Good luck!


TOK... :'( i want to give up on the whole IB and lay in my bed and cry... Any suggestions? im so stuck on my Final TOK essay... Topic is “To gain an understanding of the world we need to make use of stereotypes.” With reference to two areas of knowledge, to what extent do you agree with this statement?, Any help would be great please... My AOKs are Human Sciences and Ethics.

My suggestion is to list in any ways that stereotypes or other preconceptions link with those two subject areas. If you think that they don’t relate at all, write about how they don’t and if they do then mention it. Argue both sides and conclude with your personal opinion. As long as you justify your arguments, you can’t write a TOK essay too badly. That’s all I can suggest. 


Hi, i just started the IB and we started looking at the EE stuff and we are supposed to pick a theme or somthin like that. I'd really love to do something about mental illnesses and serial killers but i just can't think about a question to answer in my EE. HELP please😩😓.


I’d be able to help you more if you told me what topic you’re doing it in. Im guessing youre talking about english because themes (but i might be wrong)

So answering your question going on my understanding of what you mean: you could always read a book that talks about serial killers and mental illnesses and talk about how the author uses literary devices to bring out their madness or something like that.
Find a book you like and research the central theme(s) in it and try to link those theme(s) to a device used in the novel. Try to find a topic that hasn’t been explored before, you’ll get points for originality.

Good luck and make sure to start early!

P.s: please make your question clearer if i haven’t answered it

Oh ok i understand now! thanks alot. I'll probably be bothering u alot when i start my course and have problems lmao. Good luck on your essay friend!!! ( cant wait to procrastinate my EE lmao)

Answering your questions is a wonderful productive way to procrastinate for me so keep them coming! 

It is inevitable to be screwed for your ee but try your best to be the least amount screwed (AKA have a fetus of a topic in mind FROM NOW.) 

Thank you so much and I too wish you the best of luck and all the best! 


Thank you for your response. It makes me a bit more confidence towards my choices! I did want to keep my choices open haha and also because i heard economics hl is relatively easy in comparison to the other hls. I hope im Not bothering you but are ab initio classes difficult? Do they expect you to be as fluent as someone who has taken the class as a language B?

You are not bothering me at all!! (I am currently procrastinating my extended essay) 

Ab Initio classes are relatively easier than language B. Language B subjects expect you to know the language but not be as fluent in it as Language A. They should teach you the subject from the basics (not like the alphabet, you are expected to know that going into ab initio)  but like they teach you the colors and the names of places (like describing a city in french [which may come as an IOC] ) and stuff like that. You should have some back ground in the subject they wont teach you from scratch. However keep in mind that they are quite forgiving in the grading (like if you misspell a word but it keeps its meaning they’ll count it as correct (like you spell l’ecole as l’acole) however grammatical are counted [by grammar i mean like if you use a feminine verb for a masculine noun and stuff like that])   

If you have any more questions feel free to ask! 


Yo i start my ib in like a week, could u gimme ur opinion on my subject selection? Economics Hl Physics hl English A hl Chem sl French initio Math sl Id just like to hear your opinion!


I personally think your subject choices are pretty good, but the thing is it isnt really a matter of my opinion its how you feel about your subjects. Make sure your HLs are your HLs because they’re the subjects you’re good at. For example, don’t take HL math when you’re terrible at math. Also when picking your subjects, keep in mind the major and university you want to study at. Research your major in the top unis of your choice and make sure you aren’t taking HLs for nothing or if youre taking a subject at SL that would benefit you more at HL. 

Now since youre taking Physics and Economics at HL you should have a pretty good math background. Economics HL isnt as math extensive as physics but it still deals a lot more with math than the SLs do. 

Other than that, your subject combination seems pretty wise to me. You’re keeping all doors open and you can basically go into almost any major you want to with your subjects.

Good luck with everything! 


I'm about to start ib and I'm in eighth grade (idk about everywhere but here you start 8th bc you need 5 years of French) what should I expect and what are some good tips for studying and managing time because I procrastinate a lot sometimes 😩

IB is just a long lesson in motivation and time management. Everyone has their own way of doing things. Some suggestions:

Setting aside a set time per week for homework/revision (timetabled into your week)

Getting homework done ASAP 

Use a task managing app to keep you on track

Some sort of work and rewards system e.g. One hour of study for one hour of gaming. 

For revision, there are various methods:

My personal technique - Copying all the information I need into every form of study tool. Flashcards, top summary sheets, weird study games.

Copying the information you study and condensing it each time you copy it. e.g. a whole top into one A4 sheet - A method used my someone in my class

Pub quiz with your fellow IBers! 


I've just had (my first ever) mock P1 from Ger B HL, and I realized I won't pass with the teacher I have! The textbook is for a 'normal' class and the teacher insists it's enough to do IB well when it clearly isn't. With my German internal test (not mock exam) grades 5/6, I don't feel prepared at all. (My En B HL is and will be a 6/7 breeze, we've a mock a month, and I'm quite good with languages.) Are there any (free) online resources you can recommend, maybe self-study textbooks? Thanks a lot!

Since IB languages tend not to have set material, it can be hard to tell if the material is suitable. Also, the criteria for IB languages is different to the equivalent qualification (I know this is the case for A-Level vs IB). I’m not sure where you are studying maybe looking for the material for the equivalent local qualification is the best solution. 

Another random suggestion:

I don’t think it’s at particularly high level but it may help. Unfortunately, I never did German (IB French)