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OMG OMG OMG OMG... You wouldn't happen to have that maths book but in HL as well?

There you go!

HELP: Biology Questionnaire (Genetics)


Our biology teacher told us to make a poll out of visible traits in humans, specifically index vs. ring finger length, based on sex and nationality.
So I made this little questionnaire and was hoping you could answer/share it! There are three small questions and won’t take a lot of time.

Thank you!

((Also, I’m aware that it asks for your sex, not gender. I do respect all LGBTA people, and I do not wish to be discriminating in this survey. I ask for your sex, because as stated in the survey, some genes are said to be dominant for men and recessive for women.))

Hi, do you have SL math hease and harris 3rd ed textbook?

Yes! It’s available here:

For IB Bio HL is it going to be really difficult? And are there going to be a lot of lab reports to write? Thank u

Bio HL is the most common HL Science at my school. They do have a lot of lab reports to write, but ALL students who take Bio HL also take ANOTHER Science at HL. So I guess if you take Bio HL by itself, you shouldn’t have any problem.

Help? I'm half-dane, half-brazilian, and I'm applying to an IB school in Denmark. I moved here a year ago after living abroad for 11 years, so I can only really speak English - my danish isn't perfect and I have completly forgotten portuguese, so I'm trying to re-learn them both again. I've heard you can take some kind of specially arragned or self taught course if the language you want to study isn't in the usual course, but can you only do that if it's your first language?

Hello. When I was doing doing IB, one of my teachers mentioned that there are some online IB Language courses which could be done as part of your diploma. I don’t know much about them but a quick google search found this: but no Portuguese or Danish options unfortunately. I’d suggest doing some research for your area to see if there are other ways of arranging it, either online or otherwise.

At my college, we had one student who could speak German fluently who wanted to take the exam. Our college arranged for the exam and one of the A-Level teachers to assist him in exam preparation. I think self taught courses are going to be tricky but you can see if you can make some arrangement with your college for Danish if you already have a good knowledge of it. I think Portuguese may be difficult for you to learn but since you’re in Denmark, you can get more help for prep with Danish. Hope this helps


Okay so I'm currently a sophomore in IB & I'm seriously considering not continuing because my grades stink & I want to become a neurosurgeon when I'm older. I think that going into AP classes is the better choice for me, right now I'm not hoping to get into the college I wanted to go to (Oxford or Stanford) I'm just hoping that a good college will want me. What's your thoughts and opinions? Do you think that staying in IB with Cs/Ds are the better choice over going into AP & getting As and Bs?

Take AP. Hands down, no question about it.

Do kids in the IB program with sub-par grades get into the better colleges over the kids with straight As because the IB courses are more challenging and demanding?

I wish that would happen in this world. But alas, it doesn’t.

Is IB right for me?


Occasionally I get asks from people in their freshman and sophomore years asking how you know if IB may be a good “fit” for them. So I decided to put together a small list of character traits that are similar among most IB students.  If you possess many of these characteristics, you may want to consider the IBDP. Note: this does not apply to everybody, but is a generalization. Also, if you fall in this category, feel free to send me an ask. I love advising people and will answer any questions you have about the IB truthfully.

  1. You got really good grades in middle school/freshman/sophomore years.
  2. You find school easy. You want more of a challenge.
  3. You were in advanced classes.
  4. You are a very good reader/can read “above your level”/can comprehend complicated works on subjects you are unfamiliar with.
  5. You strive for excellence.
  6. You are capable of managing multiple projects at once.
  7. You are curious about a wide range of academic/artistic subjects.
  8. You want a top notch education.
  9. You are interested in studying in another country after high school/traveling extensively.
  10. You want to be a global citizen.

You also may want to check out my posts on the positives and negatives of doing the IB.

How to write an EE


Step 1: Open computer.

Step 2: Stare at blank word doc.

Step 3: Cry

What is the scariest aspect about IB DP to most people? THE EE! It is the monster that haunts IB1 kids’ dreams.  I’m not gonna sit here and lie saying it’s “not as bad as you think”, cause let’s be honest. FOUR. THOUSAND. WORDS. Yep. Let that sink in for a minute.

Now if you’re a pre-IB student, there is nothing you can really do now. Maybe start thinking about what subject you want to do it in. Really just try not to let it give you nightmares. You’re gonna need the sleep while you can still get it.

If you’re a junior: This is going to be directed at you. Let me just stop now and send you a hug.

If you’re a senior: what the heck are you doing reading a post on how to write an EE???? Why have you procrastinated this long. You should know better than to do that by now. (But, hey, *wink*wink* welcome to the club)

  1. Do NOT procrastinate
  2. Dude, I know you read 1 and then laughed and was like, “Sure, I won’t procrastinate.” Don’t do it.
  3. Ok, we both know you’re going to procrastinate. Here’s how to turn out at least a passing EE last minute.
  4. FOLLOW FORMATTING RULES. Like it boggles my mind when you can’t even do that. Do you honestly think a teacher is going to give you a good grade when you used in-text citations and they asked for footnotes?
  5. Set realistic (and low) expectations. Tell yourself you have to write 1,000 words tonight. No matter what. Don’t leave that computer until you have 1,000 words. Even if its crap.
  6. Quote lots of sources. You don’t have to read them. Do a google scholar search or use a local university if you can. Do a search of their ebooks. Find a passage that talks about your topic. Quote it. Quotes count as part of your word count.

Ok, so really, by this point, there’s nothing more I can tell you to do. You’ve already picked a topic. You’re locked in now. So just put your nose to the grindstone and finish it!

I’m gonna make a second post about which subject area is the best for you, cause this one is already horribly long.

How to relax the night before IB exams


(based on an anon ask from last may - just making it reblogable)

First, I hope you aren’t too stressed out now! Know that I believe in you and every anon/follower/random IB kid out there!

Well there are a gazillion and one ways to relax. So I’ll just list a few of my favorites.

  1. Listen to some fun music. Jam out. Dancing around your bedroom is not mandatory, but strongly recommended.
  2. Watch a movie: Either a cute Disney movie from your childhood to bring back happy memories, A grown-up comedy cause you’re too old for such frivolous things (P.S. if you choose this option for this reason, we are no longer friends.), or A horror movie that will put your fear of the IB into perspective. Like a silly little exam is no where near as bad as giant 50 foot anacondas eating you whole, right?
  3. Bake cookies. This serves as dual purpose because you will get to eat them before and after exams.
  4. Go out to a nice dinner with the family.
  5. Exercise! Ride your bike, take a jog, play with the family dog.
  6. If you craft, or make art of any kind (including written word) think of just freehanding something. Just one big burst of all that pent-up creativity.

Just what ever you do - STOP STUDYING! Really, if you don’t know it by now, staying up til 3 in the morning isn’t going to help you. Just trust you will do well, and go to sleep early.  IF the stress is so bad that you can’t sleep, consider alternative ways of going to sleep (NyQuil…cough*cough)

If you have a unique relaxation technique that you would like to share with your fellows, now that it is crunch time, send me ask, and I’ll post it on the blog.

You guys are great! You can do this! <3


IB Kid problem 19: Global Perspective: Because students from around the world complain together on the internet.

idea source

❝ Can I get CAS hours for that? ❞

- ancient IB student proverb (via ildoctora)


The dance moves of an IB student.

This is even funnier to me because my school wanted the IB students to make up a Chemistry dance