What can you do for CAS Action hours if you're not in a sport???

I wasn’t that into sport when I was doing IB. I did the Duke of Edinburgh award, which is essentially CAS but as a separate thing. D.O.E consisted of planning and going on a expedition, which is a nice change from a team sport you may have at school. In addition to that, I did rock climbing. I’m not sure on the restrictions for your school but I remember mine being quite lenient. I’m sure some people went to the gym and counted that towards it. Ask to see if you can include other fitness activities like yoga and zumba. 





very into charts about naps

This is very useful for when I go back to uni.

"No, professor, I was not sleeping, I was taking the NASA nap."


How to ACTUALLY study for Math: Tips to get an A+ 

For the longest time, math has been my complete enemy. Since I was 5 years old, English was always my stronger subject and I hated everything to do with numbers. As I grew up, my test scores were really low, which used to get me so mad considering I could get A’s in other subjects without even trying. Math was the one black spot, but I was too unmotivated to do anything about it. 

Now, I’m got an A+ average in the subject and can safely say that I enjoy doing math. What changed? First, I guess, was my motivation to succeed, but secondly, was I found out how to actually study for it, because you can’t write pages of notes for it like in Biology or something. 

I’m sharing my method because I want to help anyone out there whose really struggling with math! 

Step 1: Do all the exercises your teacher gives you

If your teacher gives you questions to do, you DO them. Don’t be lazy, just get them done because they cover everything that’s going to be on the test and help you strengthen your understanding. I like to purposefully leave doing them till two weeks before the Exam, because then I’m working all the way up to the test so my brain can instantly make connections and I don’t forget things. 

Step 2: Correct your questions

If they have answers at the back of the book, check your answers and see what you got right. It’ll tell you what to study for and what to ask teachers when you come back to school. 

Step 3: Group Study

Everyone has different opinions of group study, but I think that for Math, it’s actually helpful. Even if you only have one good hour of studying, you have that hour to learn how to do any questions you don’t know. For best results, agree to do a certain amount of work before, so you’re both on the same page. 

Step 4: Go over all your answers and make “cheat sheets.” 

Where I’m from, we’re allowed to bring cheat sheets into our maths tests, but even if you’re not allowed, this is a really good way to condense all your information and understanding. Start by writing any formulas that you use. Try not to look at other books while doing this, because it shows if you remember. Once the formulas are done, write out example questions for each chapter. I like to pick a basic question that was covered in a textbook example, a few questions that were repeated a lot during the exercise but with different numbers, and any questions I didn’t understand. Do that with all the chapters you need to study.  

Step 4: Make up your own Practice Questions

This is really important. Write out your own math questions, ranging from easy to hard. If you’re finding it difficult, ask your teacher to make them up or get your friends or older siblings to help you. There’s also the internet, where you can type up what topic you’re doing and get some worksheets that might be what you’re doing in class. This is crucial because it makes sure you just don’t know the information because you’ve unknowingly memorised it, but because you’ve actually learned it. 


So those are my steps to becoming an A+ student. It might not work for some of you, but for others it’ll definitely help their grades. Let me know if you’d like pictures of my math book, because formatting and neatness really helped in the motivation department. 

❝ I just realized a thing about studying . It’s just like diving in cold water . Because you don’t want to feel cold . But when you dive and swim in this water , you just adapt to it and it feels warmer and you don’t want to get out of it . So sometime you just have to get over the fear of the cold, and dive.Stop procrastinating, just dive. ❞

- me  (via youhavetostudy)


I saw a few masterposts going around tumblr and decided to make one. A lot of these links are helpful for High School as well! Enjoy and please tell me if you have problems with any link.









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Not taking any chances

I scrolled past this and the guilt was too much

I need a link to Mathematics SL WORKED SOLUTIONS (3rd edition) answer key pdf but I cannot find it. Please help. thanks.

Here you go!

Good luck! 


Hi there! I just wanted to ask, is English Lit A HL easier than History HL, and if so how? Obviously this depends on the person, but in general, what would you say?

I personally do not take History, but I asked my classmates and the majority of them said History HL is easier. Keep in mind this question is extremely subjective so I suggest you find out for yourself. Look at the syllabus for both English HL and History HL and then check out past papers ( then decide.
Good luck!


when you haven’t saved your final project and your computer freezes


"your file has been recovered"


DONT PUT YOURSELF IN THIS SITUATION! Always back up your files!
So....we'll have IA for every subject. Ok. How does one even survive

You just do :) Keep ahead of your deadlines and you’ll be just fine. In any case, all your IAs are staggered over 2 years, so it shouldn’t be too difficult.-Vihan

You do survive. Manage your time well. I cannot stress enough on time management. Economics IA(commentary) is probably the easiest IA to do (in my opinion.) As for the science IAs(labs) as soon as you’re even given the green light to do so. Sometimes you cant start because the labs are related to a topic that you havent yet studied in class but do not leave labs till a month or two before they’re due. I think the best time to do them is spring junior year till fall senior year (however, make sure you ask your teacher and have your topic approved before you go prancing around the lab) Math IAs should be started (in my opinion) from spring junior year and finished by December of senior year. And finally, English IAs (the WA) first draft should be finished in spring break (junior year) then corrected and corrected and corrected. You just need to manage and plan out your time correctly, just so you dont have everything due at the same time and you havent done anything. Good luck! -Noor
Haha thank you for the advice!xx I have a couple more questions to ask, should I ask them here or email you guys about it? I'm basically really confused on when to take each test and when would be a good timing!xx

If you want us to answer privately you can just ask! If you want to ask a more detailed question go ahead and send us fanmail (its the little mail button besofe the follow button)

Good luck!

Did you study for the toefl? I'm wondering if I can take it in November without studying and see how I do? If my grade is bad then I'll re-do it by studying and if not then I'll have a good grade by saving time. Is this a good plan? Normally I would study but I have so much on my hand, like sat, ib mock exams, ib homework, ap classes, sat subjects&cas so I'm looking for ways to eliminate what I can. Please help!xx

I honestly didnt study for it (i basically just solved one online practice thing and watched youtube videos a day before the test) but you should if you can/need to. If I studied just a tiny bit I could’ve gotten much higher. (Let me just state I did the iBT-TOEFL)
If you are an English speaker (aka you’ve been in a school that teaches in English your whole life) you’ll find it to be a walk in the park. And honestly judging by your structure of your question your english is good.
I know you have a lot on your hands (believe me I feel you 1000%) but dont put more on your plate by having to re-do something that couldve been aced the first time. TOEFL really doesn’t more than solving one practice worksheet. Here are some links for practice test:
And here are some excellent youtube channels: TOEFLtv
Dedicate a day (or two maximum if youre really aiming for 120/120 lol) for TOEFL and just go through the links.
You should do it once. Like ripping off a bandaid. (Trust me i doubt you’ll have to repeat it. If you dont get 100+ from the first time i owe you a cookie.)

Good luck!