note to incoming IB juniors (what I’ve learned from my junior year)


  • Get a planner and fucking use the shit out of it okay I didn’t use one my junior year and I would’ve been so much less stressed and confused if I had.
  • Try to keep all of your papers/notes. Stow them away under your bed as you clean out your binder throughout the year if you must (hell, I put them between my bed frame and mattress), but you never know when you’re going to need something from the beginning of the year.
  • Get your fucking CAS hours done. I will send you an ask every day reminding you to if you need me to, but I know that if I had started them the beginning of my junior year I would be a lot less stressed at the moment.
  • Don’t wait until the last two weeks to start your IOP in english. Don’t do it man. Don’t change your topic two weeks before either. I got a 5 but I could’ve gotten a 6 if I had spent more time on it and practiced it with my teacher/friends.
  • Drink a cup of water for every cup of coffee you drink so you don’t go into overload and then crash and burn. Stay hydrated in general; your brain can’t function properly if you’re dehydrated.
  • Don’t procrastinate on your IAs. Use online examples with grades and graders’ comments attached to guide you. IAs can be tough but they don’t have to be (and sometimes you can even have fun with them since you get to pick the topic)!
  • Never be afraid to ask questions or get help. You should still pay attention in class, but at least your teacher will know that you’re making an effort, and it’s never a bad thing to be on your teacher’s good side. 
  • Of course school and homework are important, but make time for yourself to relax and get your mind off of everything. It’s worth it.
  • Yes, you’re in IB now. No, you’re not necessarily smarter or better than AP students or honors/regular level students. 
  • Make friends with the other people in your IB class, and even make friends with the seniors (we’re very tired but tons of fun, I promise). Without my IB friends I probably would’ve completely broken down. They were always there to assure me that I’d be fine and I was always there for them. Take an hour to complain about a teacher or an assignment with them and I promise that you’ll feel better. 
  • Get on your IB coordinator’s good side and he/she may or may not pull some strings for you. ;)

That’s all I can think of at the moment.

I know I’m not as wise as the graduated seniors, and I’m certainly no academic genius, but I’m open to giving advice about the first year of IB to juniors (and in general)~

my ask is always open and I’m on tumblr pretty much all the time so I’ll get back to you almost instantly!

good luck to all incoming IB juniors~ you’ll all be great, I just know it.


AMEN. High five fellow IB senior.


All the November 2013 past papers for whoever wants. (They’re the most recent IB exams - good for practice.)

When I say all, I meant all papers from groups 1 to 6.

IB Exam Survival Master Post (updated 10.5.14)


IB Students, let’s put together a master list to help us get through the rest of exams? Reblog or message me with more resources, and I’ll add them.

Exam Review







  • take a walk
  • stretch
  • exercise
  • color, draw, paint, etc.
  • dance
  • meditate
  • eat and stay hydrated
  • read a book (not one that you won’t be able to put down)
  • freewrite



(I apologize for the bad picture, I don’t have photoshop so this is the best I could do at the moment). So there are a lot of regular back to school masterposts and I decided to make one specifically for students either in or going into the IB program. Here goes~


  • Here is an excellent post for upcoming juniors starting out in the diploma program. It has a lot of tips that you should seriously follow. This is another extremely helpful one.
  • Here is where all of the acronyms you will come across are defined.
  • This forum is where you can meet other IB students and get help in whatever subject you need help with.
  • Here is the wikihow on how to survive IB.



  • Here is a video by a TOK teacher with help on doing a TOK presentation.
  • Here you can find the most detailed bundle of information on the TOK essay.
  • This is the wikihow page on how to write a TOK essay.
  • Here and here are more tips on writing a kickass TOK essay.



  • Here is a video by someone who got an A on their EE giving tips on how you can also score an A.
  • Here are the IB statistics of subjects and extended essay grades as of November 2013 (page 9 of the PDF). You can also click here for May 2013’s statistics.
  • Here you will find a whole plethora of advice about writing your EE from start to finish and avoiding panic while doing so.


  • Here are a variety of ideas for each aspect of CAS.
  • Here are some ideas for service only. (Some may count for either action or creativity as well).
  • Ideas for action hours
  • More CAS ideas


  • These videos are extremely helpful for students who are in chemistry whether it’s HL or SL. The maker is an IB examiner and he also gives little tips to get the extra points.
  • These videos are similar to the ones linked above, just for biology.
  • Here, here, and here you can find old IB exams. Old IB exams are great because you can see how the exams are worded for the different subjects.
  • Because music helps me study, here, here, here, and here you can find some studying playlists that I like to listen to while working. (The last two weren’t intended for studying, but they help get me pumped to stay up all night working on assignments).


  • x
  • x
  • x (This one isn’t fully school-based, but it has a school section)
  • x (“)
So, I'm starting IB this year and I'm really bad at managing time and not procrastinating. I'm also studying for my SAT's and I don't know how I'm gonna handle everything. Do you have any tips for time management without seeing my social life go out the window? Thanks!

An updated post on time management will be coming up very soon! In the mean time, you can check out this post: Time management

Good luck! 


Do you know if photography can be used as my art project? I suck in all the art stuff but I don't want philosophy since the teacher is a really bad one.

Sadly, I don’t have any ideas on IB art because it isn’t provided at my school. You can always ask your IB coordinator/IB seniors/Art teacher before going into it OR you can research it online (check with the IBO).

If anyone has an answer to this question, please help out anon!

Sorry I can’t be of more help! 

-Side note-

If you’re really bad at art stuff and photography projects are not an option, you could always go with philosophy and self study. There are tons of IB philosophy Youtube videos and blogs that help you as well as the textbook! 

Good luck!


Hey. I'm in my last year of IB but I'm not sure if a want to finish it. Like how would it help me? In my school the half of it is curricular so I'll be just doing two classes extra but, in the first place, I'm not sure how well I did on my History and Biology tests since they were put together with my annual exams. I don't know how it can help me later or if it's worth it. I don't know if you are currently doing it or you're done, but I wanted to know how has it helped you, or will help you. :)


First of all, I suggest your see how you did in your Bio and History tests before deciding whether to drop IB or not. If you feel like you can’t handle IB academically, then drop it and switch to your school’s normal/standard curriculum because universities would rather see 80s and 90s in a regular highschool curriculum than 2s and 3s in IB. 

Now, as for how IB will benefit you in the future, you may be able to drop classes in university (depending on the university and your grades). The hours you put into IB will be credit hours exempting you from some courses in uni. For example, if you take Chemistry HL and get a 5 and above or something (again depending on uni requirements) in Chem HL you can use the credit hours you got to go into Chem 102 instead of Chem 101 in uni. Keep in mind that this tends to vary from uni to uni. Some universities don’t have this system and you’ll end up in Chem 101 even if you got a 7 in chem HL so do your research. BUT, even if the university of your choice doesn’t exempt you from hours, you’ll still benefit from the pressure and stress IB puts you under. What we’re going though now with the deadlines and the self-studying and the labs is what we’ll find in university. IB basically prepares you for how to survive in university in a way (by the time we get to uni, we’ll be skilled in the art of surviving on 3 hours of sleep and finishing 4000 word research papers in a night.) 

I personally think that you started IB and you put all this blood, sweat and tears into it so it really isn’t worth it dropping IB when there’s basically only 254 days 9 hours and 3 minutes till externals and then we’re done. But that’s just my humble opinion. It all depends on you and it’s your choice because you’re gonna be the one sitting for the tests and it’s your diploma and future on the line so don’t let anyone force/manipulate/convince you to continue with IB when you don’t want to. My advice is see how your grades are doing in IB, talk to your teachers they tend to know who can handle IB and who can’t, research university requirements and lastly, see how you feel about it. 

I wish you all the best whatever you decide. Keep in mind that IB or not, senior year makes or breaks you so STUDY YOUR ASS OFF. 

You can do this, you beautiful wonderful smart human being you. 

Good luck. :D


What is the TOK essay?


No one really knows. It is a thing that exists, and is made up of words. I’m not sure if anyone actually understands what TOK is, let alone the assignments. I wrote one, and I’m still not sure what it was. But here’s what you need to know. You will have to write an essay. You will be given a list…

So i'm officially starting IB1 in less than a month and i'm not sure about what textbook to get for HL bio and HL chem. Would you recommend Pearson or Oxford?


To be fair - I haven’t seen the Oxford. But I’m going to go ahead and recommend the Pearson anyways and here’s why. I used it for both HL Chem and HL Bio and it was awesome.

But most importantly my bio teacher actually wrote part of the Pearson book. I personally know him, he has great credentials and truly knows what he is talking about. So I trust the info in Pearson to not only prepare you well for the IB exams but to also be correct.

Personally, I really liked the layout of the Pearson text. I’m always going on about know the syllabus and study for the syllabus; Pearson literally puts Syllabus 12.2 Big important question with question words: here is the exact info you need to be able to answer the question and receive full credit. And it has lots of pretty pictures that really helped me remember the material.

So i’m not saying anything against Oxford, I know some schools use Oxford with success - but I can 100% back Pearson (I promise I’m not getting paid to say this!)


Good Notetaking

This is the system I’ve used since my sophomore year of high school for notes and its worked consistently, all the way through to my senior year of college. I hope it helps!

  • I generally use three different color pens in bright shades. You want your notes to be something you enjoy looking at. One color is for headings and important, must remember facts (pink). One color is for key words and theories (green) and one is for definitions (purple).
  • If I’m given a diagram during a lecture, I do my best to copy it down. Then I try to describe whats going on in my own words. Having a mental image of some important process has saved my but on an exam multiple times!
  • I also draw little example pictures inline with the text of my notes as additional memory devices.
  • If the professor makes the class slides available before the lecture, I’ll print them and write general summaries of the material in my notes ahead of time. That will save you from rushing in lecture and give you more time to ask questions about the things you don’t understand.

Generally, my notes don’t come out as neat as they are here. Most of the time, I end up copying them over so they’re easier to read and study from. Plus you get the added bonus of extra revision!

Good luck and happy studying! Xx

I start IB in 3 days and I'm kind of freaking out with all the work it seems there is. Do you think its too complicated to have a job and be in the IB program? Everyone keeps asking me how I'm going to do it so should I just back out of my job now?

It honestly depends on you and how well you can manage your time. I know a lot of people who do after school activities and still manage the work. You could always give it a try balancing both work and IB and if you find that you can’t handle it and you’re falling behind on schoolwork and stuff then back out of your job. 

I think working and keeping up with IB would be really good practice for university if you’re gonna be working while going to uni.

I’ll try my best to make a post on time management soon.

Don’t be freaked out. With a little organization and determination you can very well pull it off. Good luck! 


International Baccalaureate - Help! turned 3 today!

Thank you guys for following us, seriously. We are so glad we could help! If you guys have any questions or have any post requests do not hesitate to ask! I hope you all do fantastically whether you just started IB or just finished IB. 

You is kind 

You is smart 

You is important 

and don’t ever let anyone tell you any different. 

Does anyone know anything about the rigor of HL Theatre? I'm debating taking it bc I need a fine arts credit, but this is the first year that my school is offering it so none if us really have any idea what to expect, and I don't really have any prior theatre experience.

I am very sorry to inform you that none of blog admins take IB theater.

I don’t take theater and it isn’t a subject that is offered at my school so I don’t have much information on this topic. 

If anyone has any information for anon please help us by answering their inquires! 



laltresolei said: Hi! HL Theatre is offered in my school and I would say that it’s quite rigorous… (and this is only from looking at my friends who are in HL Theatre).

Hey! I was just wondering if there any good Chemistry SL and HL Notes? i cant seem to find any other then IBScrew4Chemistry.Blogspot, Thankyou :)

There will be a compilation of websites for notes (for most subjects) coming up very soon!